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Yong Jade is a trading company based in Taiwan and has established for two decades. We are specialized in foodstuffs trading and are acting as an agent for domestic and foreign foods and beverages. We provide a wide selection and are highly praised by the consuming public. Recent years have seen increased attention being given to organic food and health snacks, we starts to enter the market and produces more and more products, which not only meet public favor but also natural and full of nutritions.

Moreover, we also offer household detergents. Our detergent, Super Clean, is non-toxic, not harmful, and no-pollution. Super Clean series is formulated with natural plant extracts, free of phosphates, and don’t contain potassium, EDTA, STPP, coloring agent, or any petrochemical ingredients.

No matter in foodstuffs’ trading or product development, Yong Jade always listens to our customers and meets their requirements. We pledge to provide products with the best quality at competitive and fair prices, but most importantly, that we will continue to be here for you when you need us!

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